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15 May Of all the useless error messages, this one would have to take the cake. I found it in a Word document tonight. Quicktime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. It appears to be caused by the author using Mac Word, and having pasted a picture into the document in some weird and wonderful. I have a file that was created using Microsoft Word. When I tried to view/edit it in LibreOffice, the spaces where some of the images were has an empty space with the words "Quicktime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture." Neither OOo nor LO can open the quicktime. NONE, false);. public static DecompressorRegistry getDefaultInstance() {. return DEFAULT_INSTANCE;. } private final Map decompressors;. private final byte[] advertisedDecompressors;. /**. * Registers a decompressor for both decompression and message encoding negotiation. Returns a.

LZMADecompressor (format=FORMAT_AUTO, memlimit=None, filters=None)¶. Create a decompressor object, which can be used to decompress data incrementally. For a more convenient way of decompressing an entire compressed stream at once, see decompress(). The format argument specifies the container format. Finish the compression process, returning a bytes object containing any data stored in the compressor's internal buffers. The compressor cannot be used after this method has been called. class compressor(format= FORMAT_AUTO, memlimit=None, filters=None)¶. Create a decompressor object, which can be. @Nullable public Decompressor lookupDecompressor(String messageEncoding ). Returns a decompressor for the given message encoding, or null if none has been registered. This ignores whether the compressor is advertised. According to the spec, if we know how to process this encoding, we attempt to, regardless of.

SOCK_STREAM) t((ip, port)) # Ask for a file. requested_file = '' ('sending filename: %r', requested_file) len_sent = ( ('utf-8')) # Receive a response. buffer = BytesIO() decompressor = ressobj() while True: response = ( BLOCK_SIZE) if not response. The "identity", or "none" codec. This codec is special in that it can be NONE. public static final Codec NONE. Special sentinel codec indicating that no compression should be used. Users should use reference equality to see if compression is disabled. Description copied from interface: Decompressor. Wraps an existing. Enum Constant Detail. LZO. public static final thm LZO. GZ. public static final thm GZ. NONE. public static final thm NONE. Field Detail. conf. protected static final Configuration conf. CONF_LZO_CLASS. public static final String CONF_LZO_CLASS. See Also.


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