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The Planets, Op. 32, is a seven-movement orchestral suite by the English composer Gustav Holst, written between and Each movement of the suite is named after a planet of the Solar System and its corresponding astrological character as defined by Holst. From its premiere to the present day, the suite has been. () The Planets Op. - Mars, the Bringer of In fact, "Neptune, the Mystic," is given the same title in both the book and the suite! Holst may have been Holst must have gone to this concert and been impressed, for Holst labeled the preliminary sketches of The Planets "Seven Orchestral Pieces." Around the same. Gustav Holst: The Planets The Planets, composed between and , is a suite of seven movements. Holst's starting point for the music was the astrological character of each planet, though his interest in astrology went no deeper than its musical suggestiveness. His daughter wrote that once the underlying idea had.

Written between by British composer Gustav Holst, 'The Planets' represents all the known planets of the Solar System seen from Earth at the time, and their The high-pitched harp, flute, and glockenspiel tunes hop, skip, and jump throughout the suite's short duration – usually just over four minutes. jupiter . Holst - The Planets. It's probably an oft-made point, but it's worth making again: Holst's work, The Planets, is not about the planets. That is, it's not about astronomy. Rather, it's about astrology. So we are not hearing a suite of tributes to, say, Saturn, the planet with rings around it. Instead, Holst was writing about Mars. Genre Categories, Suites; For female chorus, organ, orchestra; Scores featuring female chorus; [23 more ]Scores featuring the organ; Scores featuring the orchestra; For chorus with orchestra; For 2 horns, 4 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 tubas, piano (arr); Scores featuring the horn; Scores featuring the trumpet; Scores featuring.

The Planets, Op. 32, in full The Planets: Suite for Large Orchestra, original name Seven Pieces for Large Orchestra, orchestral suite consisting of seven short tone poems by English composer Gustav Holst. Its first public performance took place in , and it was an instant success. Of the various movements, “Mars” and. Jun 16, Gustav Holst evokes the astrological character of the planets in his popular symphonic suite. John Eliot Gardiner tops the list of conductors who have recorded Holst's forerunner of science-fiction soundtracks. Vaughan Williams once described The Planets (), by Gustav Holst, as "the perfect equilibrium" of the mystic and the melodic sides of the composer's nature. Shortly before its composition, Holst told a friend, "As a rule I only study things that suggest music to me Recently the character of each planet suggested.


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