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Johnny mone johnny lyrics

28 Jun Johny Mone Johny Lyrics: ABCD Malayalam Movie Song. Johny mone johny. You are my kannin mani. Johny mone johny. Why you wanna blend in money?? Pappa bharanam vendappa Ithu new york life entappa.. We are new york boys pappa Sorry pappa Pappa bharanam vendappa Ithu new. 25 Nov Johny Mone Johny Lyrics: Johny Mone Johny Song from malayalam movie ABCD () is sung by Dulquer Salmaan, composed by Gopi Sunder and lyrics are penned by Santhosh Varma, Anna Katharina Valayil. Johnee mone Johnee. Johny mone Johnee. See the lyrics and sing karaoke to Johnny Mone Johnny | ABCD Malayalam Movie by Dulquer Salmaan, Anna Katharina Valayil. Find your favorite song lyrics with Smule now! Johny mone johny You are my kannin manee Johny mone johny Why you want plenty.

Lyrics of Johny Mone Johny Song from ABCD Malayalam Movie:: Johny mone johny You are my kannin mani Johny mone johny Why you wanna blenzing money?? Pappa bharanam vendappa. 3 Jul Johny Mone Johny Lyrics |Malayalam Movie ABCD Johny Mone Johny Song Lyrics |Johny Mone Johny Lyrics - ABCD. Movie Name: ABCD Song: Johny Mone Johny.. Musician: Gopi Sundar Lyricist(s): Anna Katharina,ValayilSanthosh Varma Year: Play Back Singer: Dulquer Salmaan. Johny mone. 26 Aug Anna Katharina Valayil Johnny Mone Johnny lyrics: Johnny mone johnny / You are my kannin manee / Johnny mone johnny / Why y.

16 May Hmmm Now, this is a song your dad strongly dislikes. I love the music, especially the mix of Indian and western instruments, but not the lyrics. It's fast, easy to sing with lots of English words in it, so you like it.. Johny mone Johny You are my kannin mani* [Johny son Johny You are the apple of my eye]. ABCD - Johnny Mone Johnny chords and lyrics. The most accurate version on the internet. Original Key.


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